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Maddie Landry

My name is Maddie Landry, and my husband and I have just moved our family from Indiana to Colorado in July of this year. My husband has served in the Army and the Navy, so you could say that we are seasoned veterans when it comes to moving. Our children are 15, 13, and 12 and have lived in 7 different homes throughout their short lives. This time however, was not military related, we were just looking for better weather and have heard so many wonderful things about Colorado, that we decided to do some town/house hunting. Being members of USAA, we decided to use the home advantage program, where they find you a Realtor in the area that we are interested in. Wow, did we luck out! They gave us Julie Smiths name from ERA Herman Group and she was amazing and patient to say the least! As anyone knows from the Colorado area, the market is on fire! Houses were selling before we could even fly out here to look at them. We started looking in March and had the pleasure of meeting Julie as soon as we got here. With my husbands job and having no family around, we pretty much needed to fit our house hunting into other peoples schedule so whenever we were able to fly out to Colorado, it was always last minute. Julie was so accommodating, that she always moved her schedule around in order to bring us to every location available that we were interested in. After flying back and fourth four different times, we finally found our house, or so we thought. Julie had gone ahead and made the offer for us, just to have us change our mind the very next day. Then we found another house and had made yet another offer that was accepted. We flew Boston to stay with family and found out that there were some issues with the house that we just did not feel comfortable with so we pulled out of that offer as well. So now we are homeless, staying with family and stressed out that now things are getting time critical because we want our kids in a house before the start of school. We did some house hunting online and were planning to fly out the following weekend but were unable to. So, feeling like Julie really knew what we were looking for, we asked her to look at our list of homes for us and tell us what she thought. We bought our current house sight unseen because Julie told us that we would love it and she was right! We have been here just over six weeks and couldn’t be happier. Everyone has something here. We have a huge yard for our dog, a theater room for the kids, a bar for my husband and a huge kitchen for me, so needless to say, Julie hit it out of the park. We have some friends who are also former military and are considering moving here, and we will be passing Julies name on to them because she really went above and beyond for us and I know that she will do the same for them.

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